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Hydrogel Patch BLACK PEARL AND HYALURONIC ACID, Skinlite, 60pcs

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Country of manufacture: Skinlite, Korea

Hydrogel Patch BLACK PEARL AND HYALURONIC ACID, Skinlite, 60pcs

· Eliminate puffiness and dark circles under the eyes

· Smooth out the wrinkles of the skin

· Moisturize and nourish deeply

SKINLITE hydrogel patches "BLACK PEARL AND HYALURONIC ACID" are an incredibly effective and at the same time sensitive care for the sensitive skin under the eyes. The special shape and structure of the patches contributes to a good fit.

            The interaction of black pearl proteins with hyaluronic acid effectively moisturizes the skin, brightens pigmentation, aids in the removal of dark circles, enhances cellular immunity, promotes the activation of skin rejuvenation and regeneration processes. A unique "black" complex of black bean extract, black sesame seeds and laminaria nourishes and revitalises effectively, improving skin texture. The snail secretion extract and peptides normalize the production of its own collagen and elastin. The delicate skin under the eyes noticeably increases, wrinkles decrease, slackness, swelling and tiredness disappear and the appearance becomes expressive and rested.

            Already after the first treatment you will notice that the wrinkles are smoothed, the skin swells, becomes smooth and fresh. With regular use you will be satisfied with the lasting result!

            * Suitable for nasolabial area

Application: Wash and dry your face. Using a spatula, remove the plaster from the jar and place it under the eyes, straighten the plaster. Leave it for 20-40 minutes or overnight, then gently remove the patch. Do not rinse. Application: 2-3 times a week.