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Ucag for the pot 12L

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For those who cook outdoors, and even more so in a Kazan, Utschak - is an absolutely necessary thing. Utschak for Kazan - a furnace which is used for cooking various dishes in a boiler. Kazan is lowered into the furnace, wherein the Kazan constitutes at the edges. If you have Kazan and utschak - remains only to collect the firewood for cooking a real Uzbek plov, Shurpa, Lagman and other goodies to cook. The spicy dishes are not quite the same without all that.

AG "Kukmara metal work" is engaged in the manufacture of metal tableware over half a century and is currently one of the best producers of heavy gauge cast aluminum cookware from the territory of the Russian Federation.
If you delve a little into the history, you will see that the current metal work "Kukmara" previously specialized in the processing of copper. The location of the plant was not chosen at random. In the area of the small village Kukmara are copper mines and enough of the forest, which served as the main fuel for the company. Over time the copper mines were exhausted, the company almost bankrupt and there was an urgent need to reorganize.

Since 1930, the work oriented to, and dealt with as from the manufacture of household goods and cookware. Today products are under the brand name "KUKMARA" very popular and have a great demand not only in Russia but also in many countries around the world. As the main raw material for the preparation of dishes of high quality are certified aluminum alloys. The raw material goes through a strict control. For the production of a complete set tableware manufacturer buys the plastic parts in Italy, as well as the glass cover of the Vasilevsky glass factory. The products have their own barcode - EAN-13 (according to International Classification), as well as certificates GOST-R.

The main areas of Kukmara metal work:
- Stainless Steel Cookware
- Kitchen with ceramic coating
- Glass lid
- Cookware with non-stick coating
- Dishes with decorative coating
- Gussgeschirr
- Bread mold
- Goods for tourism and recreation.

Kukmara Metallwerk distinguished unsurpassed quality. Many of the manufacturer's products are unique for the Russian market. The dishes (except castings) have a modern non-stick coating, and can be used on all types of stoves, except induction. The dishes are characterized by such indicators as durability, aesthetics, safety, quality and reasonable price!
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