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Set of beer mugs 0.5L, 4pcs + Tray, Oak

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Set of beer mugs 0.5L,(4pcs. + Tray), Oak
Manufacturer: Bonpos
Product Dimensions: 350 x 350 x 180 mm. Weight (kg): 5,22
A pitcher of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
Wooden beer mug oak 0.5 liter is an indispensable attribute of each feast for real men. Beer is a good way to your beloved husband, your boss or a good friend to give pleasure as a gift.

The beer mug tops the list of popular gifts for men. There are quite a lot of positive emotions run high in a man, if he gets the mug as a gift for his birthday! Relaxing in the sauna or with friends, it is very pleasant to drink fresh and fragrant beer from a natural oak pitcher. The pitcher gives the beer a special flavor and taste. The jug is made without the use of glue, varnish, paint or other chemical compounds.

1 Rinse with water.
2 Infrequent use small slits may arise, we recommend soaking the jar before use.
3 The pitcher is saturated with wax, so we recommended for a good appearance to the jug with a
domestic or industrial hair dryer to heat to 50-70 degrees, and wipe with a dry cloth.